Case Study: Cryogenic Turbo Expander Processing Plant Engineering Support

Case Study: Cryogenic Turbo Expander Processing Plant Engineering Support

The Purpose:

Completion of a new NGL recovery facility train, with a tight project deadline

Cryogenic turbo expander processing plants separate natural gas liquids (NGL) from natural gas. Our client chose modular, skid-mounted equipment to compress delivery time and simplify installation in the field. Faced with a looming product delivery date and limited internal resources, the client contracted our team to complete the engineering design for a 60 MMscf/d (1.7 MMsm3/d) cryogenic train expansion to an existing 60 MMscf/d (1.7 MMsm3/d) cryogenics plant near Shreveport, Louisiana. Our scope of balance of plant engineering included process, civil, structural, piping, mechanical, and instrumentation disciplines. Access and future operation and maintenance of gas is sometimes an afterthought when project teams are connecting skids in the field, but this approach can be short-sighted and potentially dangerous. Additionally, costs during construction can explode without good design packages and scope.

The Solution:

Experienced team, exceptional communication

Expanding an existing gas plant has its own special set of challenges, having an experienced team allows the plant to be designed, beginning with the layout of the skid-units, where issues like access, constructability, maintenance and future operation are all optimized. Key areas of the plant require specialized piping design knowledge and are unforgiving in their tolerances. Our senior pipe designers used their knowledge and experience to achieve the level of detail needed to deliver.

On this fast-track project, teamwork and communication with the owner and the general contractor allowed for the coordination of purchasing, mobilization, and optimization of contractor resources without potential downtime and rework. Our midstream team helped our client deliver their product ahead of schedule, and assisted in seamlessly integrating a new product train into their existing facility.


Delivery ahead of schedule and under budget

The project result was an engineering phase that delivered the project ahead of time and fully justified the client’s decision to trust the experience and expertise of our team and a project that could have been executed at a much higher cost was delivered for less. It takes a team of dedicated professionals to deliver this level of value. The client now has additional NGL processing capacity where and when they need it.


Matching up the right people and building relationships with all the key players involved in a project to improve delivery and communication has always been a Chemic strength. Now, Chemic has carried on its heritage with a commitment to the midstream sector, with great success.