Chemic takes safety seriously

Chemic takes safety seriously

The safety and wellbeing of our people and those they work with has always been a major concern for us. We chose to emphasize a client’s “7 Life Saving Strategies” because they apply to all of our clients, not just one.

Specifically, the client asked us to promote seven basic things:

1. No being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the property
2. No smoking outside of designated areas
3. No work on live equipment without authority
4. No disabling of critical interlocks without authority
5. Always using proper fall protection
6. No entry of confined space without gas test and authorization
7. No entering defined danger zones where objects can fall.

In response to the request:

We created our own campaign to promote to all our employees the importance of being safe.
We conducted review meetings of the seven steps at both of our offices and
We had employees sign a letter saying they will abide by these rules.
To help everyone remember the seven points we commissioned a poster, currently displayed in our offices, so that everyone stays focused on these important points.