What our Clients Think about Us

What our Clients Think about Us

There is an old adage that states, “It is much easier to keep the customers you have rather than to find new ones”. Without overtly articulating it, that is an approach we have pursued for the 40+ years we have been in business and it has served us well. This past year we completed projects with an estimated installed cost of over $200 million.

But we weren’t satisfied. We wanted to know more. We wanted to know what our customers would say about us if they were talking to someone else. So, we asked one of our marketing consultants* to interview several of our clients and find out what they thought. While it was only a small number, some had worked with us for years and some for much shorter periods. Here is what we learned.

“They can work on a wide range of projects”

This is something that we felt was true, but it was reassuring for our clients to confirm that they see the full range of our capability to work on piping, civil, structural, etc. They see that we are able to give them a complete solution in one shop, so they don’t have to retain multiple firms on a project with a wide scope.

“They’re flexible, responsive and have excellent communication skills”

We feel that to make a project successful, no matter how complex, we must adjust to changes as they come and always communicate clearly and precisely where we are on a project. It was gratifying to see that our customers appreciate this. Some described us as “accessible and available.” We see this as a major component of excellent project communication. Our aim is to keep surprises to a minimum and come to project discussions with solutions, not problems.

“They pay attention to details”

Our customers appreciate the detailed way we manage projects. Continuously making sure the little things are right ensures the overall success of a project. Further, our customers appreciate our detailed approach to billing so they can see clearly what drives the project costs.

“They have the client’s best interest at heart”

This is a comment that we really appreciate. While this is the way we think and the way we operate, it’s reassuring to see that it is recognized and appreciated. We see every project we work on as earning the opportunity to work on the next one. That means we must focus on what the customer’s needs are.

“We would definitely recommend Chemic”

This comment is the most reassuring one to hear. Our business has been built over the last 40 years through referrals, and testimonials from previous clients. We strive to not only make our clients happy, but to also treat them fairly. The measure of that, in the end, is how likely they are to recommend us to others in the industry.


*Between Feb 15 and March 19, 2019 Neos Marketing interviewed 5 senior level clients by phone to gather their feedback.